At Quarterdecks Retreat, we welcome our guests’ furry companions and offer a dog-friendly environment. To ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, please review our Dog-Friendly Accommodation Policy:


Our accommodation is dog-friendly, allowing a maximum of two small dogs per villa.

Dog Size Limit: 

We welcome small dogs with a weight limit of 15 kg or less.

Booking Requirements:

Please inform us during the booking process if you plan to bring your dog(s) to ensure accommodation availability.

Pet Fee:

A pet fee is applicable to cover the additional cleaning and maintenance required for dog-friendly accommodations.

  • For stays of 1-2 nights: $50 total pet fee.
  • For stays of 3-7 nights: $100 total pet fee.
  • For stays of 7 nights or more: $100 plus an additional $14 per extra night.

Additional Dog Fee:

If bringing a second dog, an additional fee of $10 per night will be applied.

Rules and Etiquette: 

Dogs must be well-behaved, and owners are responsible for their behaviour at all times.

  • Keep dogs on a leash in common areas.
  • Do not leave dogs unattended in the villa unless crated and only for short durations.
  • Guests are responsible for any damages caused by their dogs.

Dog-Free Zones: 

Certain areas within the accommodation may be designated as dog-free zones. Please respect these areas.

Waste Disposal: 

Guests are required to clean up after their dogs promptly.


Owners are liable for any injuries or damages caused by their dogs.


Management reserves the right to request the removal of dogs if their behaviour is disruptive or poses a threat to other guests.

By choosing to bring your dog(s) to Quarterdecks Retreat, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this Dog-Friendly Accommodation Policy. We hope you and your furry friends enjoy your stay!